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Message Subject Freemason scumbags, you won't win
Poster Handle K.Kool
Post Content
No wonder they like to hide, that one rabid guy 'coming out'
on GLP has opened my eyes to to the true nature of the spiritual warfare that is happening.

Thread: To the "Religious"

It is a very real war, centuries old, with the highest stakes of all, because the outcome will affect every person and the future shape of the world.
The inner circle of freemasons are the infamous illuminati,
who seek to control the world, to have one of them close to all world leaders, including in the Catholic Church, who is its biggest enemy and the biggest stumbling block and threat to their plans.

No wonder there is so much anti-Catholic ranting and lies
on GLP, and in the wider world, too!

In the spiritual war, that has enormous material outcomes, GLP is a major battlefield.
 Quoting: K.Kool

YOU said you wanted spiritual WARFARE!

It is right there in the record!

Everyone go see.


I told you I am not a Mason.

I told the whole world!

It is right there in the record!

So I gave you what I knew you wanted before you knew you wanted it!

Now knock it off!

In the name of peace, I invite you to the wedding.

Please read the WHOLE thread before opening your mouths.

I ask as a courtesy since I am extending the invitation.

Thread: I am Jesus Christ
 Quoting: IAMIAM

Damn right, I'm at war with the likes of you Deceiver.

You may have been kicked out of the masons due to your criminal record or w/e, but your ideology is the same.

I'm willing to believe you have been brain-washed, it has happened to far better men throughout history,
so as an anti-dote I suggest you think about this:

" They were especially recommended to systematically observe persons and events, to acquire knowledge, and to pursue scientific research in so far as it might serve the purposes of the order. Concerning all persons with whom they had intercourse they were to gather information, and on all matters which could possibly affect either themselves or the order they were to hand in sealed reports; these were opened by superiors unknown to the writers, and were, in substance, referred to the general. The purpose of this and other regulations was to enable the order to attain its object by securing for it a controlling influence in all directions, and especially by pressing culture and enlightenment into its service. All illuministic and official organs, the press, schools, seminaries, cathedral chapters (hence, too, all appointments to sees, pulpits, and chairs) were to be brought as far as possible under the influence of the organization, and princes themselves were to be surrounded by a legion of enlightened men, in order not only to disarm their opposition, but also to compel their energetic co-operation. A complete transformation would thus be effected; public opinion would be controlled; "priests and princes" would find their hands tied; the marplots who ventured to interfere would repent their temerity; and the order would become an object of dread to all its enemies."

[link to www.newadvent.org]
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