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Message Subject Freemason scumbags, you won't win
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
No wonder they like to hide, that one rabid guy 'coming out'
on GLP has opened my eyes to to the true nature of the spiritual warfare that is happening.

Thread: To the "Religious"

It is a very real war, centuries old, with the highest stakes of all, because the outcome will affect every person and the future shape of the world.
The inner circle of freemasons are the infamous illuminati,
who seek to control the world, to have one of them close to all world leaders, including in the Catholic Church, who is its biggest enemy and the biggest stumbling block and threat to their plans.

No wonder there is so much anti-Catholic ranting and lies
on GLP, and in the wider world, too!

In the spiritual war, that has enormous material outcomes, GLP is a major battlefield.
 Quoting: K.Kool

Your beloved Catholic church is described in the scriptures as "The Mother of Harlots". And this mother has harlot daughters (offspring). All of the so-called "Protestant" denominations that came out of the Mother church. They still keep traditions and practices of the mother whore, including SUN-day worship, which originated in ancient Babylon.

In bible prophecy, a "harlot" is an apostate church. You people who are "drunk with the wine of Babylon", are intoxicated by false doctrine.

Roman Catholicism is a putrid blend of apostate "Christianity", and pagan Babylonian Mystery Religion.
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