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Subject Jimmy Savile 'Satanic Sex Ring' claim: Jim'll Fix It Star 'Worshipped the Devil'
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Pervert Jimmy Savile sexually abused vulnerable girls during sinister black masses, it has been claimed.

The BBC star dressed in black robes during the rituals which allegedly took place in the basement of Stoke Mandeville hospital, in 1975.

Five years later, the Jim'll Fix It star supposedly took part in more satanic abuse at a plush London residence. A 21-year-old was reportedly forced to take part in an orgy in a room decked out with satanic symbols.

Disgraced Savile hid his face with a mask during the abuse, but was identified by the 12-year-old victim in the Stoke Mandeville case. She spotted his distinctive white hair sprouting from beneath the garments and recognised his voice.

She told therapist Valerie Sinason she was molested, raped and beaten during the twisted ceremony by Savile, who chanted "Ave Satanas" with other devil worshippers in the dark, candle-lit room.

Read more: [link to www.ibtimes.co.uk]

Jimmy Savile has been linked to at least 214 sex crimes.
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