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Message Subject Jimmy Savile 'Satanic Sex Ring' claim: Jim'll Fix It Star 'Worshipped the Devil'
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Brits are obsessed with the Occult. I still can't believe they let Damon Albarn handle Dee's scrying stone:

[link to www.telegraph.co.uk]

I have a rendezvous with him and the director and co-creator Rufus Norris. Not at the London Coliseum, but up the road at the British Museum, where we are in the midst of installing the summer show Shakespeare: Staging the World. They have taken time out from the rehearsal room to come and look at a piece of shiny black stone about the size of a table tennis bat with no handle.

Albarn — slight, quietly spoken, intensely thoughtful — tells me he was so excited at the prospect that he woke at four in the morning. Norris, equally excited, says he could “spend a year in the museum” and it still wouldn’t be enough. The co-creators of Dr Dee are about to lay their hands on the scrying glass through which John Dee, court magus to Queen Elizabeth I, conversed with angels.
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