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Message Subject UFO Recorded Over The Surface Of The Moon, January 2013
Poster Handle Mordier L'eft
Post Content

It's a new version of this hoax:
[link to www.godlikeproductions.com]
I bet the same guy produced the video. He learned from his past mistakes and did not show the dots approaching far from the moon where field curvature would be a problem and in his new video he avoids showing chromatic aberration of the moon. As he gets better and better at it the hoaxes will become increasingly difficult to detect.

He still doesn't show an amount of scintillation in his point-like light source UFO consumate with the amount of atmospheric seeing in the moon and the atmospheric chromatic dispersion seen in the moon (the "yellowing" of the moon) is not seen in his white dot. Those are both tell-tale signs of shenanigans.
 Quoting: Dr. Astro

Answer with ONE word-CAN YOU PROVE IT'S FAKE?

I'm tired of blind people!
 Quoting: zvezda 1

so....according to you, the only way to prove it's fake is to be able to explain the hoax in one word?

 Quoting: Mordier L'eft

Say what? I was asking for "YES" or "NO". Is this too complicated for you?
And I didn't even asking you...
 Quoting: zvezda 1

so the mut's well-worded and reasonable response explaining why it is an obvious hoax wasn't clear enough for you?

talk about being too complicated...

and i don't care if you "didn't even asking" me...you're being dunce.
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