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Message Subject UFO Recorded Over The Surface Of The Moon, January 2013
Poster Handle zvezda 1
Post Content

Answer with ONE word-CAN YOU PROVE IT'S FAKE?

I'm tired of blind people!
 Quoting: zvezda 1

so....according to you, the only way to prove it's fake is to be able to explain the hoax in one word?

 Quoting: Mordier L'eft

Say what? I was asking for "YES" or "NO". Is this too complicated for you?
And I didn't even asking you...
 Quoting: zvezda 1

so the mut's well-worded and reasonable response explaining why it is an obvious hoax wasn't clear enough for you?

talk about being too complicated...

and i don't care if you "didn't even asking" me...you're being dunce.
 Quoting: Mordier L'eft

Just another bad educated person in the ocean...oh, well...I'm leaving. Don't wanna waste my time with this.
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