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Message Subject View From Cabaela's & Bass Pro Shop--WOW Getting Real Folks!!!
Poster Handle Don'tBeAfraid
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Cabelas in Lacey Wa

I went looking on Saturday. There were still a couple "dangerous" looking rifle's, but couldnt get close enough to see what calibur. More than likely 22's, but was surprised to see them too. Would have picked up the Highpoint carbine in a 40cal if it was there. Why 40 you ask? Here tell there was a huge ammount of this ammo being made that just might get delivered to my door ;-)

Ammo was limited to 10 box's per customer and I saw pretty much every popular round. 9, 38, 22, .06, 308, 223, 7.62, 357, 40, 44, 45.... Lots of people buying tho. Got an update from a buddy this afternoon who was there this am. They were restoking ammo shelves, but same 10 box limit in place.

Plenty of hand guns available. Yes, less than normal, but still there. Semi's and revolvers. Many bolt/lever action rifles both new and used. Mags and accesories pretty much gone. I didnt talk to a clerk as waiting close to an hour to ask "doom scenerio" questions wasnt part of my plan.

Our cabelas is allways packed and the gun area is allways congested. This trip was differant tho. The talk of bans and what not was the main thing people were talking about. I would say the crowd was not double a normal visit, but close.

A local Fred Meyers recently started selling guns and ammo so I checked there as well. One old lady at the counter talking about her collection :-) I pitty the fool who tries to take hers lol She is ready.

Out of four glass cases they had only two left with hand guns. Again, both semi's and revolvers. Brand names and decent selection of calibur. Had a small supply left of most rounds. The clerk told me that they are not ordering untill the pending actions are taken. Then they will see. She did say however that a customer can order and they will do that. Question is what is available. She could not check on a Sunday.

Went to one other local gun store. Small place that I dont go to often. Higher gun and ammo prices are normal at this shop. Very little ammo or guns. The salesperson here had an interesting bit of input. He said that manufactures normally let everything kind of run low at the end of each year. He mentioned inventory and taxes as the reason. I have no idea. He said this time of year things can get a bit low regardless, but with all the panic buying, everyone is just running out of last years inventory. He said makers had allready begun trying to play catch up and were running non stop....?

Over all impression. Lots of people buying up whats left to be had, no real idea when or if things will be "normal" again. I did not notice any price inflation. People seem very concerned about what the near future will hold. Lots of talk of "I will not comply" with any new laws or bans.

I only know 2 people who reload and both said biggest problem for them right now is primers.

Good luck everyone.
 Quoting: RAG

The easiest way to do gun control is limit vendors, not civvies. That's all they have to. They apply pressure on large retailers and make things too uncomfortable for them, not us. If you can't source weapons from large places like a Bass Pro, then they knock a lot of the sales down.

I'd definitely encourage people to purchase a strong air rifle for back up hunting squirrels or rabbits. Most don't really have enough take down. You have to spend about $200 to get that and feel like it's enough power that the animal didn't suffer and was a good kill.

I'd be willing to bet some smart engineers make some strong air rifles. That would be unwieldy 'course Lewis and Clark actually killed some Native Americans that way, so don't discount it.
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