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Message Subject View From Cabaela's & Bass Pro Shop--WOW Getting Real Folks!!!
Poster Handle Abi ~
Post Content
WOW...interesting you should post this, OP...We were just in our local army surplus store and we know the guy who owns the shop...it was packed..people were in there buying 2-3 ak's and ar's at once and happy that he even had any in stock...all the ammo was pretty much wiped out and they were also talking about a civil war if the gun control got out of hand...

this is serious people...the shop(in Illinois) does good business and has been around for years, BUT..there are never more than 3 customers in there at the same time...it was grand central station, yesterday...

the owner said he is having trouble getting ammo and people are buying the ak's and ar's faster than he can get them...

This is real...

ETA>> He also, finally started stocking long term/bulk food which he calls "LIFE INSURANCE" it stores for 40 years and also stays good for 1 year once you open it...cheap prices, too...
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