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Message Subject View From Cabaela's & Bass Pro Shop--WOW Getting Real Folks!!!
Poster Handle moses767
Post Content
Americans have a suspicion that their government is working against them. They know that something is very very wrong and they dont' want to be the ones wishing that they had guns and could defend themselves against what they know could be a very tyrannical government; that only cares about themselves. And they are sure that most of our political figures are anti-American and pro-new world order and evil to the core. And they are totally right to believe this!!

But the illuminuti bankers/oil barons have been wanting to destroy America and to enslave its citizens for about 150 years now. And they have been very successful in destroying our wealth, and turning it over to themselves. And they will be successful in ruling the whole world; as they try to force everybody to take their zombie making and mind controlling, mark of the beast chip in everybodies right hand or forehead. And according to Revelation 13 & 14:9-11, if you take it, you will forever be tormented 24/7, day and night, because it will mean that you have rejected God and Jesus Christ and have made Satan and his antichrist your lord and god!!
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