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Message Subject View From Cabaela's & Bass Pro Shop--WOW Getting Real Folks!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I was at Cabela's in Hamburg in the middle of December. I went intentionally to buy a .22cal. AR type weapon that I had my eye on specifically and I had credit dollars from the card plus their employee discount that they offer to regular customers once per year between just before Christmas and New Year.
When I arrived I was almost number 500 in the gun department. They were up to 3 hundred something. I waited 2 hours to be handled by a clerk, I moved as quickly as possible, getting the gun and telling the clerk to box it sight unseen. I then had to go to the background check area and work on a computer filling in information. Another clerk came out in a reasonable amount of time,and I signed a few papers. It was then another 3 hours of waiting for me to get approved because of the backlog and it is true that they have increased the size of their background check unit! Well, I spent the time talking with "bitter Pennsylvanians clinging to Guns and God" as Obama said, and most of them are not from any big city.
A lot of them believe that civil war is coming and they are hunkered down for a long fight.Don't think that Americans won't use their weapons. There will be no taking away from these folks.
Maybe in a liberal city like Philadelphia people who don't know their rights will be trampled on but up there in Hamburg you are going to suffer.
Also was able to buy over 500 rounds of ammo very easily last week at a typical suburban Dick's sporting goods store.
These people are sane, not gun nuts, but used to roughing it. God help us if Big Daddy goes after our guns.
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