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Message Subject Piers Morgan Tweets: America has over 5000 nuclear warheads. Quite hard to defend against a 'tyrannical U.S. government' with that kind of f
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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that's kind of hypocritical isn't it? it suggests that the government might use nuclear warheads on its own population. if that's the case then we will need our 2nd amendment rights now more than other.

why is that amendment there in the first place? because of Piers Morgan's ancestors. it was "quite hard to defend against a tyrannical British government with that kind of firepower" too but we pulled it off
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31564479

so britain had nukes in 1776

FFS what level of idiocy passes for education in your country...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 657943

I suspect he was making the comparison that Britan had more firepower than the US back then. I didn't interpret that he meant nukes, which I suspect everybody knows!
 Quoting: Defj@m

Britain was the superpower of it's day when her American colonies went into revolt against the king. Against very long odds, we [the colonies, now the U.S.] won our independence. But one of the King's troops prime directives was to seize the colonist's arms.


The second amendment adds the phrase ' A well regulated militia', so this has always in the legal sense left open just exactly what is meant by the second amendment.
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