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Message Subject Piers Morgan Tweets: America has over 5000 nuclear warheads. Quite hard to defend against a 'tyrannical U.S. government' with that kind of f
Poster Handle davvi
Post Content
He's an idiot.

They won't use the nukes.

Those are there as a show of force, they know if they did use them it would destroy the little "human experiment" they are running.

No, they are going for the guns and this is just a decoy.

He really is an evil man.
 Quoting: Astral Goat

i think they are going for the guns so that they can push amnesty for illegals.

while everyone is busy protecting their 2nd amendment obama is figuring out a way to over-run us with brand new liberal voting citizens.

eventually the illegals will vote for democrats and when they have "majorities" in towns and cities and states, the leftists will pass what they please, goodbye guns abd every other right that you can think of...

just think, this creep hasn't even been inaugurated for the second time yet, and i wonder what he will do before he is inaugurated for the third time?
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