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Subject [Cmon GLP Prove that Alien Beings exisit!]|[Longest UFO thread in internet History!]
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Someone had to make this thread.
Let see some undeniable proof that Aliens are visiting earth.
Let's see Government record's.
Let's watch Video's of UFO's.

I know GLP can prove this! I know this can be done.
Here is some of what i have found.

Please do not show me Russia's Rocket test as proof AKA Norway Spiral.

Jerusalem Ufo is interesting but could be Man not E.t.

The Japan volcano video are interesting but could be Photoshopped.

Show me proof please!
I keep looking i see TR3B but that's just secret government anti gravity technology.

I need undisputed video evidence that Aliens from Space exist.

If you link a video that's longer then the Lord of the Rings trilogy or as long as Steven Kings The Stand please TIME STAMP where the proof is being presented.

I think Anon out there can find out Disclosure.

Alien is such a relative term.

However, look around carefully at most life on Earth.
Now, look very closely in the mirror...

There's your proof.
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