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Message Subject [Cmon GLP Prove that Alien Beings exisit!]|[Longest UFO thread in internet History!]
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look at 0:04 in video.

ufo and fire
 Quoting: Dangerwalt

Looks like a Moth to me.

Kremlin night ufo video
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31520880

Blurry lots of lens flare just really not proof.

OP... you are asking the impossible. I KNOW they exist...but proof is in the eye of the beholder.

For example... I KNOW Paris France exists....but I've never personally been there. I've seen pictures but this is not actual proof either....

You must be the experiencer...or actually see for yourself. This is what makes you a believer.

Unless we are talking about God... then you must rely on FAITH (a belief in things unseen or unPROVEN)

Why would you seek absolute proof?... even if you had it, then someone would be calling YOU a "crazy"!
 Quoting: Scarbedazzles

What i am asking for is NOT imposable. Stop with the i know Paris exist even though i have not been there you wanna know how i know it's real? I am not talking about a invisible deity that might not even exist in our dimension in physical form. Do not derail my thread i want the best video/picture/government documents/ Fucking ancient documents such as dogan tribe and stuff like that!
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