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Message Subject Pakis develop & deploy battlefield tactical nukes; Obama Admn covers it up; now Indian General says war imminent!
Poster Handle CtYankee
Post Content
Paki is a very disrespectful and racist word... it´s like chink for Chinese people...

How on earth do the mods don´t care, and not only that, they pin it???

this is not a white supremacist forum.....
 Quoting: leoglp

Oh come on. That is like saying calling someone is a Brit is racist. Maybe we should ban Brit and make everyone use British instead?

Paki is just short for Pakistani just as Brit is short for British. It's not the same as Chink. That isn't short for anything.

This forum isn't for white supremacists but it isn't for PC shills either.
 Quoting: l3ol3o

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