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Message Subject Sandy Hook - Picture of Deceased Victim Being Transported
Poster Handle Leviticus
Post Content
These pictures don't mean shit!!!

There are too many inconsistencies....No one will accept the hoax theory simply because believing it is just too goddamned scary. Yes, it is scary.

If you don't prove to yourself that the gubmint stages shit, you will probably get on the train when they come for you.

Elements of the military industrial and banking complex have taken control of this country. Prove this to yourself and go on.

You have much to do after you understand what they are doing. You have to find a nice place out of harms way for about six months to a year.

You will need things and need to be able to hold on to the things you gather. If you don't have a gun it will be hard to hold people away from your shit.

They know this!!! They don't want you to survive it.

There is plenty of real accounts of what Hitler, Mao, Stalin, and Castro did when they disarmed their citizens. Obama and his thugs are merely following the shit other dictators did.

Read and learn....It's coming folks....
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