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Message Subject We found it!!! The "NOBODY'S" number!!!!!!!
Poster Handle [Ar] 3d^8
Post Content
Ok well I'm sorry to disappoint sir.... But the number 1080 never will translate to The Holy Spirit it is a figment of numerology meaning 360 and 4 score.... Step out of you ego a little bit there you are not the chosen one sorry.... To clarify again if your name equals 1086 in English Gematria(first,middle and last) which is

The Holy Spirit. (1080)

Man. (6)

The nobody (1086)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10018625

are you people daft?

hi..my name= The Holy Spirit in calc

hi..my first name means MAN

hi..I can split the clouds in the sky...

hi..I've been exposing the true tree of life to you all

hi..I've been showing you all how to fight the beast..

i mean really...really.... this has to be a put on
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