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Message Subject We found it!!! The "NOBODY'S" number!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Oh baloney! Baby Boomers cannot believe that they were just some ordinary people that were going to disapear just like any other Humans throughout history. You are born. Then you suffer. Then you die. Completely ordinary. Meaningless perhaps. So they make up a mythology that makes them special and extraordinary out of all the countless others that have come and gone. They look for signs and numbers. They expect a Flying Saucer or a Magic Carpet Ride. If you've made it this far, count yourselves lucky. If you were born in the United States, count yourselves lucky. Anybody that would give up their United States Citizenship to move anywhere else in this World are complete suckers! See PT Barnum!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32168766

this is the trial we bear for that which we've already accomplished in the Eternity

this flesh existence does in no way represent "our life"

rather this is the great trial to test our perseverance, our compassion, and our faith

one would be insane to infer that this was "living" by any stretch

that which was hard won in the doing however, will never be undone, nor touched with or by the profane, that which is beneath contempt can in no way harm the sacrosanct on any level of concern within the world of "matter"

death has been defeated, however the majority constitute the walking dead as they are in no uncertain terms already "spiritually dead"

eternal life and immortality are not a given, rather they must be earned

and for the majority it is during their walk in flesh that this is accomplished

with reference to the Elect, these overcame during the first earth Age at which time they were judged and found worthy, hence justified due to their acts when they stood against satan during the rebellion. it was for this reason these were forechosen and foreordained before the foundations of this earth Age to do Gods will within the world and to the unfolding of prophecy as written.

read it and weep tough guy, your turn on the big wheel is coming...

; )
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