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Message Subject We found it!!! The "NOBODY'S" number!!!!!!!
Poster Handle [Ar] 3d^8
Post Content
Also, if you found the Nobody's number...the benefit would be what? For an armchair warrior it would boost the ego by 1%. For real world affairs it would do nothing.

Unless you want to dig through the Official Name Registry and type in everyone's names. :P
 Quoting: CE Aero

Or if the person who holds that name so happens to stumble into this thread and so happens to go try it for themselves ....right?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10018625

He would be shot down and talked down so hard here on GLP he would immediately cease operations and lose all faith.

Y'all are pretty damaging to anyone claim to be the nobody.

That's why TNA (the nobody army) was created. You are only as good as the sum of your parts.
 Quoting: CE Aero

and that's exactly what you all are doing to me, but I rly don't give a fuq.
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