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Message Subject Virtual Reality Goggles at CES 13 Will Open Us to new Experiences
Poster Handle musicadi
Post Content
Cool.... so instead of devirtualizing, we virtualize the virtual reality we live in!!!

People, can't you see that this technological "advance" is actually making humanity even more STUPID?!?!

Instead of trying to decode and evolve our brains, we are constantly trying to COPY it!!

If, instead of supressing children's imagination in school, we'd EXPAND it, we wouldn't need all this technology!!

I'm not a religiontard, but what's Satan purpose?! To show God that you don't need him in order to create the same thing. Can you see the REAL implications of all these fancy new technologies?!

We give all portions of our lives in the hands of human-made technology, which btw can be hacked and manipulated at any given time!!

Instead of relying on our wonderful, creative and limitless MINDS, that no technology can ever replace.... EVER!!!

Start being children again, start using your imagination, start creating the world you want to live in!!!
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