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Message Subject A message to the main stream media on Sandy Hook "conspiracy theorists" MUST SEE!!!
Poster Handle mismy
Post Content
Oh and we have Anderson Cooper calling for James Tracy's head- how dare he not answer their questions or grant an interview, smh.

I have something I need help with, nobody on youtube is giving me feedback. Probably nothing, but who knows? Search "Sandy Hook disambiguation" on wiki. Every "sandy hook" in the US is an "unincorporated area". With pops of 600 or less for the most part- CIA communities? I was looking for info on the house that's attached to Sandy Hook elementary. Can't find much info in public records on these people in this community. Anyone know anything about these unincorporated areas? Or how to find out if any of these "witnesses" even exist in this "village"... Sorry to post this here, I've been creeping on this page for a year without an account, it's time to join the ranks methinks. Sorry to waste your time if it's a bogus lead.
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