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Some interesting gun stats

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1474948
United States
01/14/2013 05:38 AM
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Some interesting gun stats
BJS estimated that, nationwide, there were 4.3 million non-lethal violent crimes (rape or sexual
assault, robbery, aggravated assault, and simple assault)

Weapons were used in 22% of these
incidents, and firearms were used by offenders in 8% of these incidents.


NCVS data from 1987 to 1992 indicate that in each of those years, roughly 62,200 victims of violent crime (1% of all victims of such crimes) used guns to defend

Another 20,000 persons each year used guns to protect property.

Another source of information on the use of firearms for self-defense is the National
Self-Defense Survey conducted by criminology professor Gary Kleck of Florida State University
in the spring of 1993. Dr. Kleck estimated that
handguns had been used 2.1 million times per year for self-defense, and that all types of guns had been used
approximately 2.5 million times a year for that purpose during the 1988-1993 period.

[link to assets.opencrs.com]

How does Obama propose to protect this many people?