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Message Subject Dewalt nail gun!!! legal!!!! LMAO!!!!
Poster Handle JAFO
Post Content
Actualy there are .22 cal nail guns that can be easily modified to fire offhand by taping the spring loaded barrel safety back into the firing position with just duct tape.

Believe it or not they're better than a real handgun at close ranges for some purposes. The hardened concrete nails they are designed to fire will go right through a bullet proof vest.
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 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32167452

They will not only "go right through" a bullet proof vest. They will go right through most "so-called" bullet proof glass, and very few people knowns this.
The reason is that bullet proof glass depends partially on the fact that ordinary bullets will have their tip "flattened" when hitting the glass (outer layer), and will have their energy absorbed by the Polycarbonate layer that is placed just afterwards. Bullet proof glass is always a combination of these 2 basic materials, glass and polycarbonate.
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