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Message Subject Deaf twin brothers killed by euthanasia in Belgium after discovering they were going blind
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
this is so sad

but the whole euthanasia thing depresses no end, especially in this case. just seems so... presumptive and premature

cannot fathom what it would be like to be deaf and or blind, never mind much less deaf/blinds, obviously

but this wasnt a case like we have seen before. previous cases have been much easier to understand. cases of terminal, painful, thorough incapacitation

thin end of the wedge. while everyone should have the choice, and none of us has the right to deny people their decision - what next?

on what criteria would a doctor willing kill a patient?

i see the article mentioned children, which gave me chills. if a child was born with the same prognosis as these twins, how long til it becomes legal to kill such a child? or if not 'euthanise' him or her directly, then 'withhold care', because, you know, the law now permits euthanasia in such cases
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