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Poster Handle John Donson
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First of, OP, the fruit isn't going to save you if you can't spell it right. It's PAPAYA!
Let me let you in on a secret. In the Asian world the people use the papaya for many things. One of the uses is to whiten the skin by rubbing yourself with the leaves of the tree. The leaves contain a compound called trintoin (not named after the owner of GLP) which bleaches the skin over time.
Secondly, men should not eat too much papaya (especially green papaya) as it has estrogen mimicking properties just like tofu.
So to translate your dream, the people who are going to save this world are white women!

[link to www.youtube.com]
 Quoting: John Donson 31493730

?? thank you!

a substance called trintoin? i remember she told me something about 3 regarding the fruit. i thought it maybe 3 seeds, but the fruit has alot more than 3.

she told me that this 3 (something) in the fruit would unlock the ex nihilo secrets
 Quoting: DPS

Trin-TOE-in (3 syllables)
White WUH-men (3 syllables)
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