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Message Subject Freinds...I need some advise on this FLU
Poster Handle CrazyMama73
Post Content
HI there,

I am not sure if you have tried this , but I swear it has helped prevent my family from getting it, as you can use it as a preventative. However once struck with the flu you increase your dosage. Take ELDERBERRY Syrup or tincture. There are over the counter elderberry syrups you can get, mainly health food stores carry them, or if you ever do have dried/fresh elderberries you can make it yourself.

It really focuses on clearing up any respiratory issues you may have, it also can naturally reduce fevers and it is an immune booster. I am not promoting any specific Brand of over the counter Elderberry syrup, but a few brands that I have tried, when not able to make my own was "SURO" or "Sambucol". I make my own since it can become rather expensive , but at this state it would pay itself off!

Wishing you all the best with a speedy recovery!
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