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Message Subject ...and this is the kind of scum we are dealing with more and more over here.
Poster Handle CROW
Post Content
[link to news.ninemsn.com.au]

Police were tonight holding two groups of men at bay after a tense racial stand-off in a suburban street south of Brisbane erupted in violence this afternoon.

Dozens of men believed to be linked to two families, one Pacific Islander and the other indigenous, were involved in an angry confrontation in Douglas Street, Woodridge.

 Quoting: CROW

They just look like your average poor inner-city folks.

So what you are trying to say, is that the well off folks around your way never have brawls?


So what you are trying to say, is that the well-off folks around your way never use weapons they find on the street during street fights?


Why do you call poor people "scum" exactly? Do you realize they are probably poorly educated and have to fight for a lot of the things they have in life? Much more than other do. They also get by with a lot less, and are marginalized by assholes who think they are less a human being because they grew up poor and misguided by their environments and failed social safety net.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32028746

You have obviously no idea what you are talking about.

Just try to ride the trains with them and put up with their abuse and threats and come and tell me how they are just poor and misunderstood.

If you act like a cunt its because you choose to act like a cunt. Its a choice. ...and the cry of the bleeding hearts like you only is believed by idiots that have never experienced it.

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