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Message Subject Attempted gun burglary tied to Journal News gun maps! Law enforcement puts newspaper "on notice"!
Poster Handle IssueX
Post Content
from OP's post:

The Affiliated Police Association of Westchester County Inc. is putting The Journal News on notice that we will hold [them] accountable for any incident where any of our over 25,000 members are involved with an incident where a criminal or ex-con presents themselves at the residence of one of our members as a result of their name being made public by [their] newspaper, said Buckley.


looks like they just poked a stick into a real hornet's nest

let the lawsuits begin
 Quoting: IssueX

Why only "their" members? Doesn't the rest of the law abiding public matter?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23078074

Of course everyone's right to privacy should be protected, and we all know that some police abuse their privileges

however, whether or not you like the police, they WILL fight back...I didn't create that reaction, the Journal News did when it provoked them

And as for the police or retired officers being at greater risk, that doesn't really take much thought, does it?

These are people who have arrested and sentenced violent individauls who may be looking for revenge

As one poster wrote on another news site:

There are two classes of "outted" permit holders who are really peeved:

o jail guards in the counties covered by Journal News are getting calls at home by inmates who now know where they live, and

o women under death threat who have moved and gotten pistol permits are afraid their stalkers are just a mouse click away.

I am especially angry about the women whose names and addresses may have been outed
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