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Message Subject Attempted gun burglary tied to Journal News gun maps! Law enforcement puts newspaper "on notice"!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Now that deer and holiday season is over, and everyone has spent all their money, itis euthanasia season of the elderly.

We also just had an elderly couple beat and robbed by 4 out-of-towners.

I consider the following as proof, because it happens every year. You can set your calendar by it.

The season of euthanasia of the elderly is alive, well and kicking at Walmart (CorryPa)

Last evening a cashier did a full-frontal sneeze on me; never covered her mouth, nor turned away, nor put her mouth to her shoulder, nor dip her head toward the floor; nothing.

She is another one of those that thinks i should die because i receive "Entitlement".

She readily buys into the government lie of "Entitlement".

She doesnot know or care that I paid hard-earned cash money for that Social Security, and that my entire life of paychecks was slashed 15% (half visible; half invisible) for to go into Social Security, so that government could steal it, and leave me to live with the crumbs that fall off their lavish table full of succulent and exotic foods.

Nor does she care that our money is spread around like candy to people that never paid into SS, nor does she care that it is not a tax, and that only the private sector paid for that SS, with their blood, sweat, tears and labor for years and years and years, what seemed like an eternity, before finally reaching retirement to take a long breath, and time to smell the roses.

Biological warfare against the elderly is in full swing, compliments of Corporate Society. The seasonal onslaught has begun. Murder, she wrote.

So ya’ll, beware, and protect your children. Best keep the children out of Walmart.

[link to www.youtube.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28172991

May you outlive that cashier!
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