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Message Subject US Government Report Recommends BLOCKING Popular websites During Pandemic Flu Outbreak
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Why instantly assume that it's part of a sinister plot? The plan, to stop people from overwhelming needed communications with useless things in an emergency makes sense, doesn't it?

Yes, it could be part of an evil overlords plan...

But think about it, the people in power don't need to do things like that. They have far more elegant ways to grab control if they want it. The internet is part of what's keeping people calm and sedate. It would be a vast mistake to throttle it, if it wasn't needed at the moment.

Over the years I've come to the conclusion that there is no massive plan to control the world. If there, by some strange happenstance, is, then the people involved are very poor at their jobs. People have been talking about population control and the coming tyranny for nearly sixty years.

What do we have so far? Some one making us pay high taxes and wear seat belts? (Agreed, not great things, but it isn't a mandatory butt rape session on Sunday either. Put things in perspective.)

So yes, useless entertainments might be sacrificed in order to try and keep the economy going during a time of crisis. So? that's instantly evil? It sounds about like what I'd recommend in the same situation, to tell the truth.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 551387

The truth is that there are multiple plans to increase control over the world, and most are implemented ineptly. There are also huge numbers of those that refuse to be controlled easily, and of those who are - most are zombies.

The result is a gratifying mix of ineptness and infighting that has kept us as free as we are so far.
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