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Message Subject US Government Report Recommends BLOCKING Popular websites During Pandemic Flu Outbreak
Poster Handle MarkinAZ
Post Content
Don't these idiots who have authored this dubious report make some allowance for the thousands of adults who, if stuck at home because of a severe pandemic flu outbreak would either:

A. Choose to work from home using their HS Internet access from home and a VPN connection to their corporate systems.

B. Be sick in bed, and not on the internet at all until recovering.

C. Since these same people would obviously NOT be utilizing their corporate Internet Bandwidth at their offices, some (if not all) of that bandwidth would then remain available for use within the residential communities near to (within commuting distance) of their offices as it does now. When huge multi-node computer systems are virtually shut down at night, because of business being closed, etc., knowledge workers are no longer sucking down available bandwidth for VOIP Phone systems, their voice and video conferencing at work, and general use of applications housed on a centralized server or "cloud" server farm someplace that requires bandwidth in various degrees to access the applications and keep them running - as would take place during the business day.

People who live in outlying suburbs often see their bandwidth at home slow down to a crawl (no matter the speed of the link they purchase from the cable company or telco or sat provider) about 3:30 PM as kids get out of school and head home making contact with their friends via smart phone, texting, and video chats, etc. Then at 5 PM or 5:30 they see their bandwidth return to "normal" levels as the offices in the nearby commercial centers/cities/industrial parks/factories/etc., go offline, thus making their total bandwith (not being presently used) available for shared or pooled access use within the overall community.

Sounds to me like these "experts" do not have a serious clue about how modern network design and implementation already allows for this balance and rebalancing of the bandwidth available and automatically resolves the problems if they become too severe and start to cause outages, etc.
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