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Message Subject Gun Control Shootout at the DC Corral
Poster Handle davvi
Post Content
i have become so cynical where this occupant of the white house is concerned. anytime the government announces that it will "fix" something expect that something to get worse. any time joe biden is in charge of "fixing" something be assured that problem will not be fixed only more confused.
 Quoting: davvi

Ridiculous that it took you this long to become "cynical" with the occupants in the White House.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27889915

well excuse me for thinking that the glass is half-full. excuse me for thinking that the american people were smarter than to vote for an incompetent because of his color. excuse me for thinking that a person elected to the highest office in the land would actually love this country and want what's best for it...excuse me for the air i breathe.
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