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Message Subject Euthanasia, is it wrong?
Poster Handle IssueX
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in a case like that, yes. Being blind is not something I'd like to happen to me, but i'd adapt, and find a way to live my life.

if you are racked with pain, with only weeks to live with a terminal disease, no, that should be your choice.

if we were to keep a dog alive like that, we'd be called cruel, and probably fined, but for some strange reason it's OK to do it to humans.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31647010

I have always wondered about that exactly thing

When someone has an incurably ill or paralyzed pet, people can even get angry and say things like "please, do the right thing put him out of his misery"

but when it's a human, we won't do it even if the person themselve begs to be allowed to die

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