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Message Subject BBC Reports Planet UB313, Russians Report Nibiru and Bible reports Planet Wormwood
Poster Handle Halcyon Dayz, FCD
Post Content
BBC Reports Planet UB313,
 Quoting: DaRtHbAlLeR

Dwarf planet UB313.
And it's not 2005 any more, its name is Eris.

Russians Report Nibiru
 Quoting: DaRtHbAlLeR

Some Russians "report" Nibiru.
As usually no evidence what so ever.

and Bible reports Planet Wormwood
 Quoting: DaRtHbAlLeR

It doesn't say star?
Most people don't interpret that as a physical body.
Not that the musings and/or hallucinations of a 1st century hermit are in any we relevant to astronomy.

The Solar System
 Quoting: DaRtHbAlLeR

What of it?

and Planet X,
 Quoting: DaRtHbAlLeR

There ain't no such thing.

Planet UB313,
 Quoting: DaRtHbAlLeR


 Quoting: DaRtHbAlLeR

Not a Magical Mystery Planet of Doom™ that's going to blindside us. No such thing.

and Star Wormwood.
 Quoting: DaRtHbAlLeR

So it is a star?

UB313 implies that there could be another planet system in space as the centre of its orbit
 Quoting: DaRtHbAlLeR

No it doesn't.

Eris orbits the solar system's barycenter.

If you want to speculate about orbital mechanics maybe you should learn it first.
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