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Message Subject Is there School Surveillance Video of the Sandy Hook Incident?
Poster Handle GladioDaddy-O
Post Content
Perhaps if the first responders were to give an account of what happened. Not likely, according to the Hartford Courant:

"No cruisers were hit and none of the officers interviewed so far has indicated that they were shot at. But several of the officers involved in the initial response have not been interviewed yet because they are still traumatized and they may not have realized they were being shot at as they ran towards the school.

It is unclear if those officers will be able to return to the parking lot to recreate the scene outside the building.
Police have photographs from the day of the shooting to help them put the cars back in the right spots."

[link to www.courant.com]

And this:

"Newtown police officers struggling emotionally after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings may be given up to six months of leave with at least partial pay under an agreement being discussed between the town and union.
The officers could receive at least two-thirds, and possibly 100 percent, of their regular pay as part of the deal, which was being negotiated Wednesday. The negotiators hoped to complete the final details over the next two weeks.

Under their contract, officers get 10 sick days. Officers who haven't returned to work by early next week will run out of sick days and would have to use vacation time if they remain out of work.

Union officials said 13 officers are affected. At least six were the first in the school on Dec. 14, arriving just as Adam Lanza shot himself to death. Lanza killed 20 first graders and six women during a shooting spree inside two classrooms."

[link to www.courant.com]
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