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Message Subject 27 years ago...I took my life with a rifle.
Poster Handle warrior poet
Post Content
So, all in all...you are an absolute failure.

My family member actually did die.

 Quoting: doomsucker

well, actually no.

The bullet fragment stopped to close to my spine for the surgeon to remove it less he paralyze me. If the bullet crossed that space, it would have severed my spine causing me to collapse in the woods unable to move.

In so far as not aiming at my head, as your comment is nothing new. If this should come up, I considered it, I wanted to look human when they found me.

I picked up a shotgun when I was 15. Loaded it. Removed the safety and started to pull the trigger. I felt the resistance but stopped. I knew the mess it would make. Altered the plan, decided a shot through the heart...and I would wake up in heaven.
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