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Message Subject So Many Kids on Psychiatric Drugs....Why? Watch this.
Poster Handle ExoPoliChick
Post Content
Simple - to make them compliant at the state run prisons known as 'public school'.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29858290

Exactly. My son's grade one teacher suggested I take my son to the doctor because he isn't a daycare kid who was trained to march on the treadmill from age 2. He stayed home with me til kindergarten and has developed a sense of self and independence and well that doesn't bode well for the cattle herders we call teachers. Can't have a kid who thinks for themselves, you know. She actually made it out to sound like I was a negligent parent for not wanting to take my kid in for a medical diagnosis.

Grade one!!!!

I looked the old bag straight in the eyes and told her these very words: "I will never put my child on drugs!!!".

His grade 2 and grade 3 teachers have since eluded to being aware of my sentiment against drugs, which means my words made it into his student record. Good.

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