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Message Subject So Many Kids on Psychiatric Drugs....Why? Watch this.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
my oldest son was a active child, they demanded he be put on meds to CALM. I laughed and said no. They called CPS on me and removed my child and druged him for 1 year.

It took a year to win in court that I had a right to refuse certain meds for my child.
They kept saying if you give him the meds you can have him back no!
anyhow when I got him back he was a vegtable so full of downers.
it took 6 mos of chelation to free him of the poisons.
he is ok now but he remembers it all.
he said it was like living in slow motion. he couldn't ride a bike cause he was too high.

luckily he is not an adult and his so called activeness is 100% used in his intellect basically they drug any smart kid.
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