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Message Subject So Many Kids on Psychiatric Drugs....Why? Watch this.
Poster Handle Lie Detector
Post Content
The single most important decision a parent can make is Vaccinating your child . To make this decision w/o researching the harm you cause the child is criminal .

To place a child on a medication Regime is also criminal .
my children have friends who take pills and we have discussed the why's and "how come's " . We also know co-worker's who Bragg about how the pills helped their kids . I want to rage on these people . They are the typical Zombie materialistic pieces of narcissistic trash that need serious parenting counseling . My kids annoy me when they want help w/ their homework . <vaccine dmg.> or he won't play w/ toy's only video games ... or Lil Bobby is acting out in the , <overly cold or hot> class-room . He won't eat anything but Chicken nuggets and throw's a fit when we run out of Pepsi ...

These "Teacher's" should be sued personally w/ the School District for everything they own .. They are not Doctor's , they are State baby - Sitter's .

It is the job of the parent to educate themselves .

[link to www.childhoodshots.com]

We all know a child who has been forced to take these pills .

Why would one become a PARENT to blatantly destroy the child .
These uninformed idiots won't even bother to make wholesome meals . Nutrition , exercise , proper rest , filtered water and LOVE . How hard is it ... I despise Parents that think it's o.k. to medicate their child because they act out ...

I've raised 4 kids . Part of being a Parent is PROTECTING THEM . Being informed and saying NO .

may God help Us ...
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