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Message Subject So Many Kids on Psychiatric Drugs....Why? Watch this.
Poster Handle ExoPoliChick
Post Content
Simple - to make them compliant at the state run prisons known as 'public school'.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29858290

Exactly. My son's grade one teacher suggested I take my son to the doctor because he isn't a daycare kid who was trained to march on the treadmill from age 2. He stayed home with me til kindergarten and has developed a sense of self and independence and well that doesn't bode well for the cattle herders we call teachers. Can't have a kid who thinks for themselves, you know. She actually made it out to sound like I was a negligent parent for not wanting to take my kid in for a medical diagnosis.

Grade one!!!!

I looked the old bag straight in the eyes and told her these very words: "I will never put my child on drugs!!!".

His grade 2 and grade 3 teachers have since eluded to being aware of my sentiment against drugs, which means my words made it into his student record. Good.

 Quoting: ExoPoliChick

Good job, been exactly there. It's a long haul (son now in high school) so keep your strength up! You are right on this.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18681750

hf Thank you. It is a long haul for all of us. But we must do the right thing for our kids. The future is going to be a tough go for kids like ours, who have not been sucked into the pill bottle....having to deal with all those who have. So we must all be strong, and we much teach our kids this strength and empower them, because the future is not going to be a tiptoe through the tulips for them, that's for sure!!!
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