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Message Subject NRA: Congress will not pass weapons ban
Poster Handle ClydeX
Post Content

Obama said the words out of his own mouth this morning during his news conference:

"An assault weapons ban with meaning"

The NRA needs threats to the 2nd Amendment in general and towards weapons/ weapon owners in specific just like the DEA/ State/ and Local Law Enforcement need the Drug Cartels. Without this faceless "enemy" or "boogie man" to demonize - the money dries up. Just as importantly; they need to take advantage at every turn possible to claim "victories" for the 2nd/ gun owners when capitulation to the very rights they purport to preserve is given.

Otherwise, there would have NEVER been anything even remotely close to "compromises", or the touted "victories" associated with such.

The 2nd Amendment, as well as the balance of the BoR has ZERO room for compromise. ZERO. Consider for just a moment that a "compromise" had been reached regarding the 1st Amendment - specifically that regarding Freedom of the Press - since there's no way the Founding Fathers could have ever conceived the Internet, the proliferation of pornography, garbage reporting that is openly slanted towards Progressive/ Liberalism/ Marxism/ Socialism under the guise of "journalism", etc. The outrage would be deafening - specifically from every liberal, lying, US hating "journalist" and their associated rag of tripe out there.

Oh wait, that only works when one refers to suppressing Christianity.

What of the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th? Where is the line of compromise we should be willing and even celebratory in accepting on these Amendments?

To acknowledge that there is, in fact, current heavy movement in the direction of greater restrictions/ bans/ or even talk of confiscation would be a direct admission that their rhetoric over the past 30 or so years has been just that - rhetoric, translating into monies from donations and memberships have been wasted, and the coffers would dry up so quickly that their heads would spin.

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights were written in the late 18th Century. During this composition, there was great concern, concentration, debate, and ultimate decision reached on the core issues believed to A) be inalienable as granted by the Creator, and B) necessary to ensure both the construction and continued success of the Nation. It was written in plain English specifically so that even the most elementary of education would be able to understand the Spirit of the Constitution, as well as cautious enough to not leave open any windows for skewing or taking out of context.

"...Shall not be infringed" fit those two(2) aforementioned requirements - it is very simple, straightforward, and closes the door immediately on any attempt to disarm or otherwise restrict the arming of the people.

I, nor the balance of this nation, do not need some slick-talking Charlatan, whether elected and taking my money or an employee of a commercial organization begging for my money, to travel to Washington in order to beg for my ability to interpret this document any differently than it was written, nor to freely exercise the GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS DENOTED THEREIN.

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