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Message Subject Orly Taitz Petition - Obama Resignation due to Forgery!
Poster Handle Veranidae
Post Content
No matter how many legitimate issues there clearly are with this sociopathic megalomaniac's eligibility for the office of the president of the United States, the only way you'll see him exit the Oval Office would be in a body bag. Clinton despised the nickname "Slick Willy," though Heaven knows how appropriate it was, because he knew he was Teflon-coated. George Bush sealed the deal with 9-11 and our knee-jerk nationalism. And Obama? The power-players that pull his strings have so much invested in his security and position, I'm not even sure a nuclear device detonated outside his bedroom window would be enough to consider him served with a pink slip. Besides, there's Biden, Reid, and Pelosi in waiting. And this we know to be an insurance policy guarding from the actions of any would-be standard bearers for justice and righteousness.
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