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Message Subject Night sweats anyone?
Poster Handle Marshwiggle
Post Content
MI, I just posted on another thread last nigt asking if anyone was having the additional symptom of heating up right now. I've been hot, without fever or illness, for about three weeks now, with the night sweats you're talking about.

I'm 54 and menopausal, but I haven't had a hot flash in over a year, much less have I ever had a three week long one. As, well, this is just not the same as a hot flash. Just like there's a difference between the body heat and reaction to a fever and a hot flash, this heating up I'm talking about has its own characteristics...AND it's coming with some of the other symptoms of cellular rattling, vertigo, etc.. Fevers and hot flashes aren't accompanied with these.

Thanks for posting the thread.

Happy day to you...flower
 Quoting: cosmicgypsy

Obviously you're not the only one, OP. I am the same age as this poster and I also know there's something different going on to menopause.
I've experienced them for a year or so, I guess. Just as I am going to sleep. The heat makes me crave every bit of cool bedding I can touch! And the window wide open last night, in mid winter! Also accompanied with intense tingling sensations and dna changes is what has come to mind over this time.

Strange, but I live in the UK - never been logged on as US before!
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