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Message Subject Night sweats anyone?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I just read your post Mission and am responding.

Have been going through the night sweats for a few years now. I feel it is related to ENERGY, often what is happening with the sun cme;s and when the energies reach here - geo-thermal storms; as well as out moving closer to the galactic center, as well as my body changing at the cellular level - I am reminded of a line from Isaiah - "I will purify you in the furnace (of affliction). The HOLY FIRE.

I don't have a clear answer, I just have an inner 'knowing' that is is related to all of the above and my body changing, being able to handle higher frequencies.

I hope this helps...

By the way, it is now beginning to happen during the day, and when I am in close proximity to people who carry a lot of toxic energy in their bodies.


 Quoting: oneLOVEsoulJAH 26915578

It's interesting you mentioned sweating around people with toxic energy. I have a class I only attend one day a week. Every time I'm in that class I start sweating. It's never hot, it's a very comfortable temperature. Tonight it was at it's worst. As soon as all the other students left and it was just me having a conversation with the professor, the sweating was gone.
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