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Why Hard Workers Oppose More Welfare For Lazy People

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 31128946
United States
01/14/2013 01:47 PM
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Why Hard Workers Oppose More Welfare For Lazy People
Growing up, my father was a very hard worker.He was born in a little shack in the country. They had absoloutely nothing. He joined the military, and then put himself through college to get a good job. He was oldschool all the way. He didn't buy what he didn't need. This allowed us to pay for the things we did need (house, cars, etc) in cash. Yes, everything was all paid for. He earned it ten times over.

That's why it pained me as a young girl to see huge chunks of his checks going to pay welfare for people who refused to get off their butt and work. He would tell me "Everybody's not like us. Some people are lazy and use the system so they never have to work." The people on welfare may not like this, but how would you like it if you basically went to work for someone else, to have your money given to them?

My dad got up at 5 AM most days in the cold, hot, rain., snow, feeling sick, no sleep, whatever. He did it to provide for his family. Because he did well for himself, he was punished, and taxed astronomical amounts, money that he earned. He taught me the value of hard work.

I understand when someone's having a rough time. What I have a problem with, is people who abuse the system. These are the people who delibrately have more babies to get more welfare. These are the people who don't apply for jobs, and live on the system for years and years, versus a couple months between jobs. The rest of us are paying for that!

And these are the people who argue that we should give MORE of our hard-earned paycehcks to them while they sit at home.