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Time to get weapons is now.

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United States
01/14/2013 09:48 PM
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Time to get weapons is now.
Not talking guns, it's probably too late for that. I am talking about more close quarters weapons, and not just getting them but training with them as well. Weapons to consider would be easily concealable weapons for near future. Crime rate is going to sky rocket soon, but it will still not be an environment to carry around bigass machete's. 7 inch fixed blade knives, and expandable baton's are more of the weapons I am talking about. Something that will increase your odds against lowly thugs and muggers. Any type of hand to hand training as well is obviously highly recommended. I'm not suggesting this as an instead of, or alternate to guns I am suggesting this as an along with purchasing a gun. These weapons, do not be a tight wad but also do not splurge at the same time. There is an easily attainable middle ground from a $20 walmart folder to a jay fisher $800 fixed blade. I think everyone should start trying to attain these and train with them in the immediate future.