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Message Subject Debunking the Sandy hook conspiracy video, point-by-point
Poster Handle Yuri Gervasii
Post Content
Since no one has really taken the time to debunk this here you go:

First off the guy that created this video is Alex J.Now that that's out of the way let's look at the content of the video...

Theory 1: The first thing the video tries to allege is that there is a second shooter. They love to grab early media footage and then use that as "evidence" of their claims, as if the media's first reporting is somehow golden. Odd that conspiracy theorists distrust the media, then turn around and use its raw reporting claims as evidence. Anyway, you can easily google and figure out who the guy in the woods was.

[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

He is the father of a student there and the athletic director at the highschool. He was on his way to the school to help make gingerbread houses with 1st graders when he heard the shots. He was unarmed, arrested, detained, questioned, and let go. The story of the guy in the woods was a dead end, so the media dropped it. That is the problem with the 24 hour news cycle, they will report any lead they get before sorting out facts. However, this is hardly evidence of a conspiracy.

The video even makes the ridiculous claim that since the guy was sitting in the FRONT of the police car, that he must have some "crazy" credentials. Yeah, what is more likely...that this guy was a concerned father or that he was a man with some "crazy" credentials on a black ops mission to shoot up a school but he just didn't have the skills to properly vacate, and so he ended up getting himself captured by lowly local law enforcement, AND broadcast on national tv, potentially exposing his super secret black op? C'mon.

Theory 2: The gun discrepancy. This can be chalked up to contradictory reporting, which is going to happen when the media competes with itself to be the first one to break any new details. There have already been articles clearing up the discrepancies: [link to edition.cnn.com]

Theory 3: The nurse is fake and does not exist. This is completely false, and has been debunked with evidence: [link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

Theory 4: The laughing/crying father. This means absolutely nothing. No one can judge how a father copes with the loss of his daughter, and it's offensive that people are criticizing him for it. I have been to several funerals, I have witnessed family members and friends switch in and out of laughter and tears. They think of fond memories of the one they lost, they tell stories, they laugh, and they cry. People grieve in different ways. We do not have the right to criticize his reaction, and it's not evidence of a conspiracy.

Theory 5: Emillie Parker is not dead. This is the most absurd thing I have seen so far in the video. The video alleges not only that the girl is not dead, but that the parents were so stupid they brought out the wrong sister for the photo op. What? Do people honestly believe that? [link to www.youtube.com (secure)] It's a picture of her sister. Obviously. They look alike because, you know, they're sister's. This guy uses the same photoshop trick as the conspiracy video and gets the same effect. [link to i.imgur.com]

Theory 6: One piece of footage of the crime scene does not show many ambulances and shows no children. The author claims this means this was all staged. He goes on to say that only one ambulance was there the whole time and they quickly blocked off all exits. The problem with this is twofold. Firstly, there are several pictures of multiple ambulances: [link to www.politico.com] Secondly, this footage that the videos author is commenting on is likely taken well after the shooting took place, which easily explains why there aren't a bunch of ambulances around and no one is panicking. More things taken out of context because they fit the authors narrative.

Theory 7: Time stamps on the webpage set up for donations state the page was created before the shootings took place. Google search results do not always accurately reflect the date the content was published. Example) Here is a date restrictive search of sandy hook ( [link to www.google.com (secure)] ), listing all articles that appear to be published before the shooting took place. Well shit, according to google this there are articles and videos from these dates talking about the shooting: Jan 14, 2012 , Jun 19, 2012 , Sept 16, 2012 ..well before the shooting took place. Debunked.


I don't necessarily believe in this, but i think its good to present both sides of the story, so that people can get a more objective view on the topic.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31145264

Ok, Mr Officer...

I will gladly rip your "debunking" apart at the seams.

While running down to the fire house there was a man pinned down with hand cuffs on.
[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

Here you have 2 of your partners (police officers) clearly chasing a man that is clearly seen running from them.
(pause the vid at the 13 sec mark and look directly in front of the lead cop)
[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

So we have established that indeed we are talking about 2 different people here....

After the State prick weed Lt Vance claimed these men did not exist.... due to the fact that we are not fucking ignorant fucks like he assumed, he was forced to come up with the closest logical answer he could think of in order to lull the sheep back to sleep.....
[link to newtownbee.com]

"A man with a gun who was spotted in the woods near the school on the day of the incident was an off-duty tactical squad police officer from another town, according to the source"

Notice this quote given by LAW ENFORCEMENT has these 3 words in it... man, woods and GUN.
So, YES there was a man in the woods who didnt belong there from a totally different county armed with a GUN!
No matter how hard you try, you can not give a reasonable answer as to why he would be there at the same time this shooting occurred, carrying a fucking gun - as well as the fact that he was a trained SWAT member - as you know officer, those guys are pretty skilled at shooting. They are also pretty well at knowing what TO do in order to avoid other OFFICERS during a foot chase ect.

Now, i dont know about you but..... to the average person with living brain cells this fucker being in the woods with a GUN BEFORE the police arrived is as fucking suspicious as it gets.

***IMO this man, and the police video of the police chasing him are nothing more then a planned distraction.
My reasons for thinking this will be explained on another post
==================== NEXT =============

The nurse is fake and does not exist.

Well... according to ABC she does exist.
[link to abcnews.go.com]

According to the Conn State dept of education she doesnt exist.
[link to sdeportal.ct.gov]

The nurse is irrelevant either way... real or fake.
Her bullshit testimony can easily be explained.

================== NEXT ==============

Robbie Parker, the laughing then practically hyperventilating in front of the camera while trying to cry, never shedding a tear, facebook charity advertising daddy dynamo!

Man, no one has to even attempt to debunk this fool.
Yes, your right... people do act different ways when REALLY grieving over someone. Although having to physically focus to change your entire demeanor on que is different.

Common sense, a set of eye balls and a copy of the FULL interview speaks for its self.

No one has mentioned the blue tooth wearing "aunt" that spoke before him. Why not? She sucked worse then he did.
BTW... did you know ole Emilie Parker has a big sister?
Hmmmm... where are all the photo shopped pics with the big sister?
Did Emilie's aunt let the cat out of the bag... or, was there ever a cat in the bag...
[link to www.youtube.com]

LOL... How may times are they going to fuck their story up in front of the nation? Plenty more im sure.


"Emilie Parker is not dead"

Well, thats kind of a trick question isnt it?
I mean... Emilie Parker had to exist before she could be dead right?
Well... if we are referring to the little girl the press is selling as Emilie i suppose she is dead. The name sake anyway.
As far as the blonde girl they claim is/was Emilie ... well your guess is as good as anyone. You cant "prove" she is dead no more then we can "prove" she ever existed as "Emilie Parker'.
As far as what happened at Sandy Hook false flag event... she is irrelevant. She is just a took they use to suck the emotions from the gullible people who live reality through a brain wash box (TV).

"Ambulances ...one or more"

LOL... Really? Your going to even touch this subject with the mega loads of fucking video evidence that proves you wrong over and over again?

I tell ya what... i wont bother posting any of the 14000 videos that show one ambulance sitting at the firehouse. We have all seen that.
YOUR the one trying to "debunk" this topic so... debunk it!
Your "words" do not debunk shit.
Show us a video of 20 dead children's worth of ambulances ANYWHERE NEAR SANDY HOOK THAT DAY... much less video of them loading, caring for..or treating 26 dead people.
Here is 5 minutes of raw uncut unedited footage.
[link to www.youtube.com]
(note the ONE fire truck sitting at the school)

Here... debunk THIS...
[link to www.katiecouric.com]

@4:18 This dude explains that he watched men from the STATE and LOCAL police and law enforcement .... "stand their ground" and not let anyone in the school.

@5:25 'how do you move forward from knowing there where children in there THAT YOU COULDNT HELP.... (BECAUSE THE FUCKING COPS STOOD THEIR GROUND AND BLOCKED THE FUCKING WAY)


"Time stamps on different videos and web sights dated pre Dec 14th"

I will "debunk" that for you.... INTENTIONAL DISTRACTION.

Just another fucking ploy to keep people chasing ghosts


You have no idea of the complexity of this operation.
I have it nailed... right now i am in the process of confirming the main evidence....
It wont be long before the bottom falls out of Sandy Hook because "we" conspiracy theorists are about to show hard core EVIDENCE that will destroy the "conspiracy" by replacing the "theory" with cold hard PROOF.
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