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Message Subject Debunking the Sandy hook conspiracy video, point-by-point
Poster Handle TruthNow88
Post Content
Also here is a coincidence you won't hear much on the nightly news.

~9am-10am | Dec 14, 2012 | Putnam County/Carmel, CT
By grim coincidence, even as the terrible events were unfolding in Newtown on Friday morning, the Putnam County Emergency Response Team (“ERT”) happened to be assembled for regular training in Carmel, and team members were at that very moment engaged in a mock scenario of an active-shooter in a school...
[link to southeast.patch.com]

9am-4pm | Dec 14, 2012 | Bridgeport, CT
"The goal of the course is to enable participants to improve their community’s mitigation and emergency operations plan specifically regarding the needs of children. The course will provide them with the information needed to address the unique needs of children prior to, during and following disasters. It will also provide them guidance and direction on how to form coalitions and how to become advocates for the unique needs of children in all aspects of emergency management."
[link to www.ct.gov]
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