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Message Subject Debunking the Sandy hook conspiracy video, point-by-point
Poster Handle mindless drones
Post Content
Seriously folks until you provide this so called indisputable proof you all seem to have and will “show the whole country” you come across as the Shill you so aptly want to scream . It as if you have never heard of the media whores not getting their facts straight before reporting it because they are looking to one up the next station in order to get viewers. You make it out to be that the media got there before the police & have all the footage of everything that happened but this is simply not true & if you have a brain cell inside that small cranium of yours you might figure this out on your own. Might their simply be no ambulances because the amount of survivors did not call for them & the fact that it takes a little more time to actually properly record a crime scene of this magnitude before removing the corpses. Tell you what I will bask in your all knowing glory when you offer me more proof then the child like expose you have provided at this point. Your lack of any intelligent responses other than “fucking liar”, “shill”, etc. just proves to me how desperate you are to make a conspiracy out of anything with such little evidence other than some questionable interviews, supposed photo shopped material & anything else you can cling to in order to make you believe the BS you are actually shoveling. I am sure even if they released autopsy photos or crime scene photos of this you would still find a way to disclaim them as forged and supplied by our Gov. If you spent half the time used trying to disclaim this event, towards Something actually productive the internet would be much more intelligent if only for one day. Don’t bother responding since you are all obviously delusional & seeking the attention mommy & daddy or the kids at school didn’t provide you as a child. GET A LIFE!!!! Come back at me with some proof otherwise all you have is say it with me A Conspiracy and that’s all you will ever have until then. I think we can see who the real puppets are & I don’t have no string coming out of my back so I guess we can see where that leaves you.
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