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Message Subject Debunking the Sandy hook conspiracy video, point-by-point
Poster Handle ZEROeffect
Post Content
anyone look into the fact that when they pull the guns from the car at night; that the light source under the car does not change?

The guy holding the light in his hand changes a bit....but the light source under the car does not change!!!! Shadows under the car do not change as he moves the light, and the helicopter light would not direct that kind of shadow!

I know it's not much but if someone wants to add to it, be my guest! Kinda proves that was a movie set as well....with lighting! :)

p.s. OP, nice try little guy. No dice though! Your points are moot and still SHOW NO EVIDENCE of it being a real event!

NO VIDEO in school, by parents, by independent reporters, by the kids!!!!!

In order to prove something was FAKE you just have to look to the evidence! Real evidence...not eyewitness testimony that keeps changing to fit a story!

P.S. You also can not debunk an active investigation! Which is what this is!!!! a bunch of questions. If you try and debunk a bunch of questions you are a shilltard! <----a government paid retard!
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